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Crypto Spoon is an innovative and new generation of universal cryptocurrency created on the prestigious decentralized Ethereum platform that is destined to revolutionize the market.

Crypto Spoon provides its token holders a diversified digital and international financial and service network developed for the crypto market. The ecosystem provides a one-stop service delivery system that enables crypto/fiat users to perform and execute daily life transactions according to their financial and service needs.

The ecosystem is being built on strategic financial and commercial alliances giving a universal utility to the coin within and outside of the platform.


Crypto Spoon Features


The technology support strong anonymity using only email without any personal data shared.


Clean and detailed admin dashboard immidiately syncronize data across all your devices.


We help our clients to advance their knowledge and careers with our certified cryptocurrency experts.


Why Choose Crypto Spoon?

COSN is Crypto Spoon issuer, an ERC20 token created to work in an ecosystem of business applications to have global circulation and address holder’s basic daily real life transaction needs. COSN Coin is being launched with the pure vision of being available, usable, and valuable to everyone. COSN is issued with the support of a global financial services platform focused on the needs and trust of the public, and ensured by the very technology it’s built on – blockchain.

The first cryptocurrency without blockchain fluctuations
Instant operations without any centralized system
Support System

We have 5-stars rated online support system working 24 hours 7 day in a week.


COSN will allow its holders to sell, buy, or subscribe products, services, and soft commodities with the future COSN marketplace. As well, COSN will be used as a mode of transaction or payment outside the COSN platform.

  • COSN will work to organize and fully developed the COSN marketplace.
  • COSN will be able to provide a full range of financial products and services
  • COSN marketplace will be fully mobile and integrated to the needs of COSN users.

Money Transfer

COSN financial and business ecosystem will have access to traditional global money movement mechanisms through established affiliations with existing traditional banks Another future endeavor will be establishing a money transfer service, most likely via strategic agreements with already secure and compliant partners. COSN team is well connected in this space and have already begun laying the groundwork for those relationships. The transfer service’s lifeblood will be cryptocurrency, keeping fees low, speeds high. Predominantly encouraging the use of COSN, it will offer seamless foreign currency exchanges with impressive agility – as a global digital currency, there are no foreign exchange currency conversion fees

Technological and Blockchain Innovation

COSN is based on Ethereum decentralized blockchain. Ethereum is the blockchain technology upon which the COSN suite of cryptocurrencies is built. COSN currency can be sent, spent, stored, or traded through the blockchain. Ethereum (ETH) is one of the most popular blockchain platforms in existence. Ethereum created smart contracts, houses ERC-20 tokens like COSN, and provides a framework for building decentralized applications


Global Single-Platform:

Be Safe and Secure:

Decentralize Payment Systems

Blockchain Based DevOps Marketplace

COSN Tokens

Our Tokens with a realworld use case created on the blockchain network.

Token Sales Information

Pre Ico Sale Start March 05, 2019 to April 23, 2019
Token Sale Start April 24, 2019 to August 31, 2019
Total Token Supply 710,000,000 COSN
Tokens Sale Program 426,000,000 COSN
Max Cap 426,000,000 COSN
Technology Ethereum ERC-20
Token Value 1 ETH = COSN
Accepted ETH, BTC,USDT

Token Sale Stage End In

Total Token Sale 76,034
Register & Buy Token Now Minimum Purchase: 10 COSN


Our Tokens with a realworld use case created on the blockchain network.


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Crypto Spoon (COSN) is a block chain based marketplace, where buyers and sellers meet to carry out operations involving digital goods and assets with crypto currency transactions.

App Screen

Our Powerful
All-In-One Wallets

COSN is a safe and secure blockchain wallet made to simplify sending and receiving digital payments with the world.

Why Use COSN Wallets?

Safe & Secure

Universal and Interactive

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The roadmap to success

What are our major goals?

Our market strategy will prioritise blockchain technology rollout to utilities based on their transformation. View our roadmap to see how exactly we are making that happen.

March 2019 Website and Whitepaper
Pre ICO Start
April 2019 Token Sale Start
Mobile App
May and June 2019 E-commerce Portal
Token Sale Round 1
August 2019 Token Sale End
COSN Exchange
September 2019 COSN Listed on Trade Satoshi
COSN Listed on CREX24 or STEX
October 2019 COSN Crypto Card Launched
COSN Listed on DDEX or Mercatox


Core Team

Louis Baker
Lead Blockchain Manager

Louis Baker

Lead Blockchain Manager

Gaining lots of experience and skills, working over 9 years as an entrepreneur in the fields of Blockchain, Banking, Marketing, Management, Distribution and IT, Louis desires to change the world bringing new visionary technologies in the Financial Sector.

Blockchain 85%
Decentralization 68%
Jonathan Rios
Web Developer

Jonathan Rios

Web Developer

A self-taught IT developer, Jonathan is creating unique websites, software packages and apps since the age of 13 for Banks, Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, MU game community and Bloggers.

Jason Morales
Blockchain Developer

Jason Morales

Blockchain Developer

Jason is a Blockchain developer with more than 3 years experience. Specialist in utility and security token smart contract development on Ethereum platform,working with Solidity, Web3.js, Truffle framework, Parity and various tools including Metamask, Remix, Mist, etc.

Joseph Jordan
Business Strategy Consultant

Joseph Jordan

Business Strategy Consultant

Joseph has gained experience and skills, working as a Business Consultant in the field of Financial Technology (FinTech). Joseph is passionate about entrepreneurship, creative problem solving and strategy: she seeks to impact the world through providing innovative solutions to any business he works with.